Resident Interviews

Occasionally, one of our many wonderful residents will give an interview that reveals not only the strong and varied history of the neighborhood, but it can really touch your heart.  The homes in the neighborhood, and our neighbors, are great sources of pride.  Whether you are new to Malvern Hills, or you have lived here for fifty years - these interviews are treasures from which we can all learn...

Mr. Fortune passed away in May of 2013.  We are truly blessed that he gave us a short interview that revealed so much about the neighborhood.

Mr. and Mrs. Meeker gave an interview to Elaine Poovey. Paul passed away in 2016, and Edna in 2022.

Ann Clayton gives us a glimpse into Malvern Hills in the 1950s through the eyes of her own childhood.

A wonderful interview by Dorland Winkler, A Trip Down Memory Lane.

A Malvern Hills family gives an interview of their own experience in the neighborhood.

Mrs. Eloise Snyder smiles big and says, ..."I could talk about Malvern Hills...well…how long have you got?"

Mr. Johnson recounts living on Arthur Road since the 1950s.

A Marine and volunteer living and caring for Wendover Road.